RFBAQ Supporting Far Northern VCE’s

Tuesday, 11 Jul 2017

Volunteer Community Educator, Frances Pelgrave from Lake Eacham RFB approached the RFBAQ at the Mareeba Rotary Field Days in May and proposed the idea of fridge magnets to help country kids remember their address and phone number when they needed to call 000.

Both Tom Dawson, Assistant Commissioner RFSQ and the RFBAQ saw the immediate merit on the idea and how it would help not just children, but also the elderly in an emergency.

The RFBAQ did a photo shoot with Bushy outside of Mareeba that day, and after refining the design with Frances and John and Yvonne Thomson of Speewah RFB the 95mm x 145mm magnets were ordered.

Fully funded by the RFBAQ, this is another excellent example of how the Association, the Service and brigade members can work together to make Far Northern communities safer.

Today 1,500 magnets were posted to Frances with another 10 each being sent to RFBAQ Representatives.

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