Advertising Opportunities

Thank you for your consideration of Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising with the Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland (RFBAQ) and for supporting our Rural Fire Brigade Volunteers.

The Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising program is designed to deliver results for both our corporate partners and the rural fire brigades.

Through these programs your business can be promoted to over 1,440 Brigades and over 36,000 rural fire volunteers in Queensland.

With our core philosophy of mutual benefit rather than a handout and profit through partnership, we are proud to offer you the opportunity to become a Corporate Sponsor and Advertiser with the RFBAQ.

Below is a list of Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities available to you through the Rural Fire Brigades Association of Queensland.

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Corporate Sponsor Program ' Step 1
Sponsor Guide Listing (Online Directory)
12 months

The Sponsor guide provides volunteers with direct access to the Sponsors of the RFBAQ. The guide provides Sponsors with the ability to manage the content, documents, links, photos and even videos. The Sponsor Guide provides Sponsors with their own micro site, within the RFBAQ website. In addition to this the Corporate Sponsor will receive a certificate and the RFBAQ corporate sponsor logo for use on their website and all their marketing material.

Website Banner Advertising
Twelve Months Run of Site Skyscraper Banner Advertisement

The Run of Site Skyscraper Banner Advertisement will be displayed in rotation on every page of the RFBAQ website. This will provide you with a greater profile on the website with the added bonus of driving more site traffic to your Sponsor Guide Listing and website.

Email Direct Marketing (EDM)
E ' News Sponsor Bulletins Single Distribution

The Sponsor Bulletin is dedicated to profiling RFBAQ preferred Sponsors to our volunteers. This bimonthly email distribution is core to an effective online marketing strategy with RFBAQ. The Sponsor Bulletin drives consumer demand and member traffic back to and the corporate sponsors listing in the sponsor guide and your website.

Press Advertising 
Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals, in hand and online, is the premiere magazine of RFBAQ and the Queensland Rural Fire Brigades. Printed three times a year it is delivered into the hands of our volunteers and brigades. Smoke Signals is a full colour gloss magazine covering news views and latest issues facing the Rural Fire Brigades and our volunteers. Smoke Signals also has a distribution and readership far beyond the RFBAQ, including local, state and Queensland Ministers. Each issue has 6,000 printed copies supported by online flipbook and database wide linked EDM send.

Direct Mail Inserts
Through the RFBAQ Art Union, Brigade Donations and Smoke Signals; we deliver in excess of 18,000 personalised letters per month. The RFBAQ direct mail is a key path to the wider community that supports the RFBAQ and our volunteers. All mail recipients are actively involved in supporting the RFBAQ and the brigades through either a brigade specific donation or the purchase of tickets in the Art Union.

Co Branding
Art Union

The RFBAQ Art Union is run five times a year with up to $120,000.00 in prizes to be won in each draw. The Art Union is the primary funding source for the RFBAQ and the Grants Program. Through our Call Centre in Gympie, the 40 staff make an average of 27,000 connected phone calls per week and sell up to 3,000,000 tickets per year. The opportunities for corporate sponsors range from the purchase of tickets, promotion of prizes, through to co branding through direct mail.

Corporate Partnerships

RFBAQ is committed to delivering the best for the Rural Fire Brigades and Volunteers of Queensland. We welcome and will review all Strategic partnership proposals with a view to delivering this.

Grants Program
The RFBAQ Grants Program has been in operation for over seven years, and has provided in excess of one million dollars in key equipment and infrastructure to the Rural Fire Brigades of Queensland.

Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland
RFBAQ is recognised as the peak body in Queensland, representing over 1440 Rural Fire Brigades with in excess of 36,000 volunteer firefighters, providing invaluable community service to 93% of Queensland's land area.

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