National Fleet Pricing now extended to SES Volunteers

Wednesday, 2 Apr 2014

National Fleet Pricing now extended to SES Volunteers

Action Auto Group Gympie will now not only be providing National Fleet Pricing Discount to Queensland Rural Fire Brigade Volunteers and Auxiliary Firefighters. But they have just now extended the discount to include Queensland SES Volunteers.

In March of 2012 Action Auto Group Gympie struck a deal with the RFBAQ to offer rural fire brigade volunteers the opportunity to purchase new vehicles from them at National Fleet Pricing.

Recognising that many Auxiliary Firefighters are also rural firies, in July 2013, they extended the discount.

Action Auto Group as of April 2014 would like to extend this offer to all SES Volunteers. The RFBAQ negotiated this fantastic offer in a meeting with Action Auto Group yesterday.

Nissan and Kia Sales Manager, Scott Kennedy said, 'When you think about the important role that emergency volunteers play in the lives of Queenslanders, it's the least we can do to recognise their efforts.'

For more information in relation to the National Fleet Pricing Discount through Action Auto Group please visit the RFBAQ website or contact the Sales Manager Scott Kennedy, Action Auto Group on (07) 5482 2355 or email

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