QLD Rural Fire Brigade volunteers deploy to WA bushfires

Friday, 13 Feb 2015

The 7 day deployment left Brisbane early this morning comprising of 62 Rural Fire Brigade volunteers out of the 82 strong task force.

Queensland volunteers have a long history of supporting other states and territories in their times of need, as this exemplifies the reason of volunteering, which is neighbour helping neighbour.

An important step forward for Rural Fire Brigade volunteer support is the announcement from QFES Commissioner Katarina Carroll APM, that Rural Fire Brigade volunteers will be offered an incidental allowance while on this deployment.

“I have approved an incidental allowance payment of $15 per night for each volunteer while they are on deployment to Western Australia for this period.”

“This is appropriate recognition of the significant contribution our RFSQ volunteers are making to this deployment alongside paid QFES staff.”

“If this provides some small compensation for the time our volunteers will spend away from their families and work then I am more than happy to approve it”, Commissioner Carroll stated to the RFBAQ today.

The RFBAQ on behalf of all 1,441 Rural Fire Brigades in Queensland heartily thanks Commissioner Carroll for quickly redressing this imbalance of incidental allowance support. Previously full-time staff, part time staff and SES volunteers have been supported with this allowance but was actively fought by the Fire Service from being extended to Rural Fire volunteers.

To all staff and volunteers in Western Australia who are actively defending communities, the RFBAQ wishes them all to ‘Stay Safe’.

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