Today is Yellow Ribbon Day

Tuesday, 13 Oct 2015

If you know of a volunteer, are a volunteer, or value the commitment made by Rural Fire Brigades, then today is the day to wear a yellow ribbon to show your support.

If you are in support of Rural Fire Brigades and the tireless contributions they make, please wear a yellow ribbon today and spread the word. Through this you will be giving your visible support to those who wear the yellow coat and ride the yellow trucks.

Yellow Ribbon Day resource page (posters, etc)


Rural fire screen saver




An RFBAQ initiative born out of protest, Yellow Ribbon Day is now a way of acknowledging the commitment and dedication that 36,000 rural fire brigade volunteers provide to Queensland.

Gaining bi-partisan support on the first Parliamentary sitting day in October, Yellow Ribbon Day is the physical way that politicians, councils, business and members of the public can show support for all Rural Fire Brigades and the volunteers who wear the yellow coat and ride the yellow trucks.

Not tied to any claims and not as a fundraiser, the intent of the day is to engender a positive conversation, which is now supported by RFSQ District Offices supplying yellow ribbons.

The RFBAQ has supplied many thousands of pre-cut ribbons to brigades and volunteers (free of charge) who have requested them as well as supplying 200 ribbons to the Kedron Park complex for all QFES Kedron staff.

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