RFBAQ Art Union winner uses prize to upgrade disability equipment

Thursday, 26 Nov 2015

Barbara Pollard and her guide dog Nala won the STX Nissan Navara in the Art Union 54 draw. On Friday the 20th of November 2015 Barbara and Nala came up to Action Auto Group Gympie to collect their prize.

“When I first got the call to say I had won the major prize I just couldn’t believe it, when I got off the phone I thought I should ring back to make sure it was real.”

“But yes it was all true I had won the Nissan Navara. I sat down to work out how much worth of tickets I had bought over the years but it definitely didn’t equate to the cost of a new car.”

Barbara is extremely grateful and while she cannot drive the vehicle, winning it has made the world of difference to her as she is audio dependent. Barbara will be selling the Navara to upgrade and purchase the new audio equipment she needs, she will be giving some of her old equipment to a friend of hers who is also audio dependent.

“Just to have a machine that can read my mail to me cost $3500, so you can imagine how much everything else cost.”

Barbara said she had started supporting the RFBAQ after knowing the hard work the volunteers do. Her daughter, son in law and granddaughter have about 40 acres of land in Elimbah which they always ensure is well maintained and ready for fire season, they have the local Rural Fire Brigade come in and burn the property.

“The brigade always ensure they give ample time for all the wildlife to move away from the area and after the burn is done you can barely see where the volunteers have been.”

Barbara said knowing the wonderful work the volunteers do and the care they put into it when they do not get paid anything is what inspired her to start giving. The brigade volunteers do an amazing job and Barbara wanted to thank all the volunteers and everyone at the RFBAQ for the job they do.

Barbara has been a wonderful supporter of the RFBAQ since 2010 and we wish Barbara and Nala all the best and thank them for their generous support over the years.

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