Queensland Parliament Votes for highest level of firefighter cancer support in Australia

Friday, 18 Sep 2015

We must temper our enthusiasm by always remembering that if you as a firefighter need to access this new coverage; it means that you have contracted cancer and that you will be in the fight of your life. This coverage is a way for the state to protect those who give freely of their time to defend their communities.

When the new Legislation becomes available we will distribute it widely.

Again the RFBAQ would like to thank the Queensland Auxiliary Firefighters Association, the Firefighter Cancer Foundation Australia, interstate Volunteer Fire Associations, Rural Fire Brigades and volunteer firefighters who have made their voices heard to all Members of Parliament.

With Queensland now legislating the highest level of cancer support for all firefighters, the RFBAQ expects that states and territories that currently have discriminatory pre-requisites legislated against volunteers will consider moving to the high support Queensland model.

In what is already a very large and dangerous fire season, the RFBAQ wishes all firefighters, regardless of truck colour and pay status the best and encourages all to “Stay Safe”.

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