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Proposed PPB Funding
Since the last issue of Smoke Signals in October the RFBAQ has made real progress for brigades across the state with a focus on non-truck brigades.
The 50 x $1,000 Primary Producer Brigade (PPB) Community Defence Grants have been so well received that we subscribed receiving 63 grant applications. All of which were approved with RFBAQ/QFES increasing the amount of money provided.
With a level of commonality in the equipment requested the RFBAQ are approaching RFSQ to have these frequently requested items placed on the free stores list.
This is the end of phase one in the year of the PPB.
Phase two will commence later 2017, as the RFBAQ and RFSQ travels across Queensland to meet and talk to PPBs (non-truck brigades) about how both of our organisations meet the current and future needs of over half of the Rural Fire Brigades in Queensland.
The RFBAQ and the RFSQ will attend FarmFest in Toowoomba, Ag-Grow in Emerald, Westech in Barcaldine, Mareeba Field Days and the Hungerford Field Day.
We ask that local RFBAQ Representatives see if they are free to attend their local event, as having someone who can identify and know the local brigade members and encourage them to participate in the process is priceless.
The plan for these days is to make sure the RFBAQ and the RFSQ are listening to what PPB members want and need. This will be done by asking non-truck brigade members a series of questions that will take about 3 minutes for which we will give a thankyou present.
Phase three will involve developing an ongoing workable model that would allow local PPBs to access their identified needs through local suppliers.
A potential way to achieve this was outlined in a RFBAQ submission to the State Government. This proposal was to form PPB co-operative funding committees for the 700 PPBs who
receive no income. Our suggestion is that these committees would:
• consist of 20 to 30 brigades in each;
• be drawn from 2 local First Officers, RFSQ area office and local governments;
• distribute an amount to each funding co-operative twice a year from RFSQ; and
• have the targeted expenditure be agreed locally and supplied locally to meet local needs.
This new PPB co-operative funding committee system would assure that funding was allocated on a risk and needs basis, with the ability to focus on increasing the defence profile of the wider community.
This embryonic funding model would allow non-truck brigades to purchase small and medium items that truck brigades who receive a levy take for granted. It would also allow the pooled money to be harnessed to build brigade infrastructure for those brigades who would like to increase their community defence profile.
Thank You Firecom from Rural Fire Brigades
The RFBAQ would like to thank each and everyoneofthe7FireCommunication Centre staff around the state on behalf of all the Rural Fire Brigades.
2016/2017 Bushfire season has been and still is exceptionally busy and volunteer, part time and fulltime firefighters have been turned out to 24,081 incidents in total since January 1.
Yesterday, the RFBAQ posted thankyou cards and Cheesecake Shop gift vouchers to each Firecom as a way of showing our appreciation.
Firecom North Coast had their cheesecakes delivered and were very appreciative.
There are seven Fire Communications
Centres centres located around the state of Queensland and collectively they handled in excess of 90,000 incidents in the last financial year (2015-16).
When a Triple Zero (000) call is made, it is re-routed from Telstra to the appropriate emergency service (Fire, Police or Ambulance) and subsequently the closest communications centre to the location of the incident.
Emergency calls received at ‘Firecom’ are controlled by Fire Communications Officers who gather information from the caller, including the geographical location and the nature of the emergency. Once details are recorded, fire appliances are dispatched.
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