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Bushfire  Theme A Winner
When I was 11, a bushfire swept through our small community of Beachmere. We were kept safe due to the hard work of the rural fire brigades that attended over several days.
Watching the yellow fire trucks drive into town was inspiring, especially since they weren’t being paid for their hard work.
I made a decision then that, when I was old enough, I wanted to help my community by becoming a rural firefighter. Since then I have learned as much as I can about the local brigades, their trucks and equipment. I attend as many open days as I can and enjoy talking to the volunteers.
By Lachlan Wright (age 15)
I enjoy building Lego replicas of QFES urban and rural vehicles and have won numerous awards for scenes and incidents I have created using them.
The photos show a scene that I won first prize for in the annual Brisbricks Creative Builder competition in Brisbane. It was inspired by another Beachmere bushfire in November 2016.
In the scene there are 5 rural appliances (41, 42, 51, 52, Polaris) and 5 urban appliances (Alpha, Echo, Echo, Kilo, Tango, officer’s car). All of which are based on real appliances. I also have an Instagram account @Lego_QFES, where I post photos of trucks and scenes I have
created. I have a few urban and rural firefighters following me and they love it when I build a replica of the appliance they drive.
I cannot wait until I turn 16 so I can join my local rural fire brigade. I would also like to be a VCE one day to educate other people and inspire them to be involved in their rural brigade and be bushfire prepared.
I have recently also decided that my ultimate goal is to one day become a permanent urban firefighter. I know the challenges in being part of both rural and urban brigades are huge, but so are the rewards.
RFBAQ/RFSQ Out In The Paddock
Listening Tour
Brigade Members, chase up the RFBAQ and the RFSQ at the below events and tell us what you want.
• Mareeba Field Day – 24th to 26th May 2017
• Hungerford Field Day – 2nd June 2017
• Toowoomba FarmFest – 6th to 8th June 2017
• Emerald Ag-Grow – 6th to 8th July 2017
• Barcaldine Westech Field Day – 12th & 13th September 2017
The RFBAQ will have a short questionnaire where we ask you some questions relating to your individual brigades and for the 2 or 3 minutes of your time we will give you a thank you present!
It’s a pen and looks like this – the only way to get one is to be a member of a non-truck brigade and answer some questions.

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