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Letter to the Editor 6 February 2017
A heartfelt thank you to all Queensland MPs for making sure our firefighting heroes receive cancer compensation
In late 2015, the Queensland State Parliament made a decision that will reverberate across generations of volunteer firefighters.
They gave the state’s unpaid Rural Fire Brigade firefighters access to cancer compensation.
This means MPs from all sides of politics made sure that the unsung heroes who put their lives on the line to protect our great state will be cared for if they get cancer from this work.
This landmark cancer coverage is the best in Australia and it means that full-time, part-time and volunteer firefighters are now fairly covered should they contract cancer while defending their communities.
Already eight volunteer firefighters have benefited from this legislation and all of them are profoundly thankful for your generosity and compassion.
Without this legislation, these firies and their families would face dire circumstances simply because they gave us their very best in times of extreme danger.
Allowing volunteer firefighters to have equitable access to the benefits of presumptive legislation does not mean that they “won a prize”.
It means that brave volunteer firefighters who contract cancer through their duties receive the same compensation as their paid comrades.
This life-changing legislation will also help set the standard as the RFBAQ looks to drive profound change to ensure all rural firefighters and brigades have the best personal protection equipment, support equipment and firefighting facilities available.
On behalf of all 1,400 Rural Fire Brigades and their 36,000 members, the RFBAQ thanks each and every State Member of Parliament for
their bi-partisanship in supporting the volunteers who defend 93% of Queensland.
Justin Choveaux
General Manager
Rural Fire Brigades Association Qld
Gaeta Brigade can now harvest water
By Liz Goodwin,
Secretary Gaeta Rural Fire Brigade
Gaeta Rural Fire Brigade has been in existence since 1996.
We may be small but we get things done, eventually.
Last year the brigade was lucky enough to receive grants to start building a fire station. However money only goes so far and lots of extras are still needed.
Thanks to RFBAQ we now have water tanks to harvest that precious resource called water. Now not only will we have water for our station but
we will be able to run and clean our equipment on clean water.
Keeping in touch in an area so isolated was always going to cause problems and we manage this with our colourful newsletter C.O.P. (Communication. Organisation. Prevention). We use this to keep landowners and the community up to date with fire conditions, training and anything else we think they need to know. So everyone knows what is going on and what is coming up!
Thank You RFBAQ.
Our very happy brigade members in front of one of the water tanks with our not yet erected sign.
Bunavit Pty Ltd
ABN 27 653 539 790
Address: 29-45 Ashmore Road, BUNDALL QLD 4217
Proudly supporting the Rural Fire Brigades Associtaion Queensland
We would be delighted to provide quotations for all RFB Volunteers for computer, communication, IT, tablet and camera requirements. For more information please contact Guy Hooper on 07 5484 4376 or Matt Scupin on 07 5570 0298
Shipping is FREE and 10% of the value of any purchase made will be donated to the Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland.
07 5480 4100

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