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Big Thank You for the RFBAQ Grant
On behalf of the Millstream South Rural Fire Brigade members, I would like to extend a big thank you for the approval of our grant for the Engel fridge for our 51 appliance and the mobile repeater for our shed.
The fridge was fitted at the beginning of the 2016 fire season so has made a fabulous difference to the firefighters when they are out there on the hot fire ground. To be able to have a cool drink of water whenever it is needed makes a lot of difference to the crew’s endurance and overall comfort.
Our fire shed has always had trouble with mobile reception due to being in a bit of a dip behind the hill on Wooroora Road. Now we are seeing a significant difference with the installation of the mobile repeater in the shed.
During wildfires, there was always a need for shed based personnel to be walking out onto the road to get a chance of reception. The repeater has helped solve this problem and has made communication so much better.
A Family Affair
By Jessica Stark,
RFBAQ Office Coordinator
My name is Jessica Stark and I am now the Office Coordinator of the RFBAQ. I first found out about the association through my step father Des Schuler who was employed as a Contact Centre Agent and had been since August 2011.
After talking to Des about what he did, which was calling all over Queensland seeking much needed support for our brigades and raising awareness about what the RFBAQ does for them.
I started with the association in August 2013 as a casual Contact Centre Agent and although it was a very tough job at the same time, it is also very rewarding knowing we are able to help our brigades in Queensland, as they do a terrific job at keeping our community safe all year round no matter if it’s fires, storms or flooding.
In 2015 I decided to join Curra Rural Fire Brigade after speaking with Michael Adamik who is the First Officer of the Curra Brigade and also works for the association. I knew it would help me relate to our customers on the phone
knowing firsthand what it’s like being a brigade member and to do my bit to help.
At first it was a lot to take in and I have learnt so much since being with my Brigade and know that I will always be learning something new which is something I love. The pride I get when I put on my PPE is like nothing else and I am proud to be a Volunteer.
In December 2015, I was offered the role of Office Coordinator. In this job I am contacted by many brigades from across the state and as a volunteer I have a better understanding of what the Brigades need and want.
I absolutely love my job and I am very passionate about our cause. I feel very privileged to work for an association that is all about getting the best deal possible for our Queensland Brigades and would like to say a massive thank you to all the volunteers in Queensland for the hard work you do and the time you give up without even thinking about it, without you our state would not be the same.
If you are driving past Gympie, call in and I will give you a tour of our business.
By Lindy Cyran, Secretary Millstream South Rural Fire Brigade

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