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Ever considered standing for election as an RFBAQ Elected Representative?
The RFBAQ mailed a nomination pack to the secretary of every Rural Fire Brigade in Queensland.
Here are the prerequisites to nominate when nominations are called - The Nominee will have:
1. Held or be holding a position on the Management Committee of a Registered Rural Fire Brigade for a continuous period of not less than four (4) years. This would include the elected/appointed positions of Fire Officer, Brigade Training Officer, Fire Warden, Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer.
1. To be/have been active in matters affecting the welfare and efficiency of Rural Fire Brigades and their Volunteer Brigade Members at Shire or District level.
2. A demonstrated knowledge of the operations and functions of Rural Fire Brigades within that RFSQ District.
3. A demonstrated working knowledge of meeting procedure.
4. A demonstrated ability to work positively within a committee system, which would endeavour to provide outcomes that would ensure positive benefits for Rural Fire Brigades and their Volunteer Members in the safe performance of their duties.
5. A demonstrated ability to provide commitment to the work and aims of rural fire and effective transference of information to the brigade members they have served.
Completed nominations must be returned to the RFBAQ in Gympie by no later than 29th May 2017. For further information, please contact the Returning Officer on 5480 5134.
RFBAQ Election Process
Barcaldine Charters Towers Rockhampton
Bundaberg Burnett Emerald Gladstone Roma South Coast
Caboolture Innisfail Toowoomba
Cairns Peninsula Mackay Townsville
Caloundra Maryborough West Moreton
The Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland (RFBAQ)
is calling for nominations for the Rural Fire Service Queensland (RFSQ) areas of:
The nominee for District Representative is to be a suitably qualified person who is a member of a registered
Rural Fire Brigade (RFB). There is one (1) elected RFBAQ District Representative for each RFSQ area. A nomination form for the position of RFBAQ District Representative is enclosed and the election process is as listed below. The Roles and Expectations of RFBAQ Representatives can be found on the RFBAQ website or can be requested from
our office on 07 5480 5130 or email
Nomination and Election Process for District Representatives
Posting Nomination forms to Brigades and RFBAQ Reps Nomination Forms to be received by Returning Officer (6 weeks) Nominations Collated (1 week)
Where single nominations only received from a District
(i) Candidate declared elect for that District (2 weeks) (ii) Notify Candidate/s (1 week)
(iii) Notify Brigades
Where more than one nomination is received in any District
Ballot Papers posted to Brigades (2 weeks)
Closing date for receipt of Ballot Papers by Returning Officer (6 weeks) Ballot Papers opened and counted (1 week)
Poll Declared Candidate Notified (1 week)
Brigades Notified of Result (2 weeks)
Audit of Election, Election Material Destroyed
Returning Officer: General Manager
Rural Fire Brigades Association Qld Inc
101A Mary Street, Gympie Qld 4570
By 17th April 2017 By 29th May 2017 5th June 2017
By 19th June 2017 By 26th June 2017 By 26th June 2017
By 19th June 2017
31st July 2017
By 7th August 2017
By 14th August 2017
By 28th August 2017 Subsequent SEM Meeting

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