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SESVA On The Way
You may notice that there is no SES Volunteer Association magazine on the back of this issue of Smoke Signals.
Back in 2012, a number of SES volunteers contacted the RFBAQ inquiring if SES members could join the Rural Fire Association.
The RFBAQ constitution precludes SES volunteers joining our association.
The RFBAQ President and General Manager were then invited to attend the 2013 Local Controllers Conference to talk to more SES volunteers about what they wanted to achieve.
In early 2014 the RFBAQ voted to allocate some funds to allow SES volunteers to get together in Brisbane to look at commencing
their own association. This led to the original SESAQ being launched in April 2014.
Since then the SESAQ has transformed into the QSESVA which is a part of the national SES Association. As part of this the QSESVA are now producing their own official magazine called “Stormfront”.
The RFBAQ fully funded and produced 6 editions of the SES “Activate” magazine with the last issue being Spring/Summer 2016.
AlltheelectedRepresentativesandstafffrom the RFBAQ wish the new association all best for the inaugural elections being conducted this year and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship working together supporting emergency volunteers in Queensland.
Local Community Supports Brigade
By Les Lane, RFBAQ Representative Burnett Area
Located approximately 15 kilometers from the Blackbutt township’s reticulated water source, the area of Teelah has been identified as the third highest risk area in the state according to the QFES Redi-portal.
After identifying this need for a water source to be located within their area, the Hunter family who is also a member of the Taromeo Rural Fire Brigade decided to assist and provide water to protect local residents.
The installation of the three rainwater tanks on the Hunter family property was assisted by Taromeo Rural Fire Brigade. December last year the members of the brigade helped in the placement
and plumbing of these tanks to suit their need giving a total of 48,000 litres of clean water to be used for firefighting operations.
The benefit of having a bulk water supply closer to this high- risk area will reduce the need for bulk water carters to attend at incidents. These tanks will be used not only for rural fires but also structural fires if needed.
Taromeo RFB would like thank the Hunter family and South Burnett Regional Council who also assisted by providing funding towards this project. Having available water source in the Teelah area will greatly assist the brigade in their firefighting activities.

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