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The Ladies of
By Heather Patzwald, Secretary Scrubby Creek Rural Fire Brigade
Scrubby Creek RFB is around 30 kilometers from Millmerran and has 2 appliances, 41 and 51. Our 51 is only new, we have had it about a month.
Our brigade covers a really big area and many 20 acres blocks. You would not know if people live there or not with so many heavy scrub and trees.
Forest is on both sides of the Gore Highway, so we attend many forest fires and also help the town brigade out when needed.
Our brigade is quite unique, with many ladies in our brigade and on
the executive team, we could be one of a kind.
1st we have Helen Dwyer, she is our Treasurer of our brigades. She also has done her Crew Leader course and of course is a firefighter and has been in the brigade for 25 years.
2nd we have Heather Patzwald, Heather is our Secretary and has also done the Crew Leader course, is a VCE and has been in the QFES since 2007.
3rd is June Ladhams is doing FMS at the moment to become a firefighter and is also training for a VCE.
4th we have Julie Small, Julie is also our Chairperson, is support and also doing VCE training.
5th we have Lesley Dawn who has done her FMS and is now a firefighter. Lesley has been in the brigade for 3 years.
6th is Bonnie Dixon and has just joined our brigade. Bonnie is already doing her FMS.
Our brigade has around 15 members in all and all get on well.
Rural Fire Brigade
Behind the scene of Yellow Truck/Yellow Coat TV Commercial
“Thank a Rural Fire Brigade Volunteer today” – Showing on Channel 7, 7 Two and 7Mate
Channel 7 and the RFBAQ have partnered to create a community service announcement that will raise awareness of Rural Fire Brigade (RFB) volunteers and what we do to defend our communities.
The advert was filmed at Federal RFB in the Caloundra Area with volunteers from Tinbeerwah RFB, Black Mountain RFB, Ilkley & District RFB and Curra RFB joining together for the days filming.
A consistent difficulty with community awareness is that some members of the public believe that all fire trucks have paid firefighters in them and are unaware that the vast majority of the state is defended by Rural Fire Brigade volunteers.
The principle aim of this commercial is to highlight that brigade members are your neighbours who for no pay undertake to train and fight fires to defend Queensland communities.
The TV commercial is now showing on the RFBAQ website, Chanel 7,
7 Two and 7Mate and in a format that you can share on Facebook and/or email to your brigade membership.
The RFBAQ would again like to thank Channel 7 on the Sunshine Coast for the excellent production and the enthusiasm shown to supporting brigades and getting the word out about those who wear the yellow coats and ride the yellow trucks.

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