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Bingera Weir
By Garth Ovenden, Third Officer, Brigade Chairman and Fire Warden
Bingera Weir Rural Fire Brigade is a Village Brigade located to the south-west of Bundaberg, directly servicing the residents of a relatively small area of some 23 square kilometres.
The area comprises grazing lands, sugar cane, small crops, orchards and some rural residential lands, including the Forest View Estate with some 200 properties. It also adjoins State Forest, including pine plantations. The Brigade Station is at 36 Statesman Drive, within the Forest View Estate.
The Brigade was formed in 1990 to better address the fire risks of landholders and residents, and for many years operated at a fairly low level, with a single light attack vehicle, functioning out of member’s
sheds. Through significant fund raising and a series of Grants the Brigade’s infrastructure and capacity has increased significantly over the last fifteen years.
Bingera Weir has a busy schedule of controlled burning activities in the cooler periods of the year, assisting landholders and Government agencies both within and outside its defined area.
While there are areas of medium fire risk internally, most of the Brigade’s fire suppression efforts have been external, including deployments to other RFS Areas and Regions. The Brigade has also been active in responding to natural disasters, including floods and cyclones.
Current membership comprises some 17 Firefighters and 7 Support
members with an allocated fire ground VHF channel of 18.
• Single cab medium attack appliance with 2,000 litre capacity (BW 51)
• Light attack appliance with 600 litre capacity (BW 41)
• 4WD dual cab support vehicle (BW 81)
• Double bay shed housing attack appliances, with bathroom, kitchen, storage, small workshop
• Separate shed with annexe, 2 bay training and meeting room, available and utilised as well for Area training

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