Major Announcement at RFS Summit 2018

Monday, 28 May 2018

All new RFS Appliances from 30 June 2018 will be rolled out with defibs.

Truck brigades that don’t currently have a defib will be supplied and paid for by State. This defib is additional equipment that will be placed in your primary response truck.

This is in response to RFBAQ lobbying QFES on behalf of truck brigades.

Retro fit terms:

  • For brigades already with trucks.
  • It’s an opt in scheme (brigade choice).
  • Brigade chooses primary response appliance that will be fitted with a defib.
  • Defibs are fitted and maintained at State cost (not brigade).
  • Brigade must undertake training and maintain training in defib use.
  • For brigades already with State supplied defibs; your brigade keeps records of maintenance, ensure appropriate members know how to use it; maintenance supplied by State.
  • For brigades already with locally purchased defibs; contact your local RFSQ Area Office.

With over 700 brigades with a truck, from a diverse geographic state along with a high demand on appropriate defib this new initiative that support our volunteers may take 12 months to complete.

Thank you Minister Crawford; Thank you Commissioner Carroll; Thank you Deputy Commissioner Smith.

Link here to hear the Commissioner's announcement on YouTube.

While on the RFBAQ YouTube page; check out the results of the PPB questionnaire.

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