Crown Law advice states – ‘Brigades are not part of the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service’

Wednesday, 10 Sep 2014

The Queensland State Government recognises the Crown Law advice.

Again the RFBAQ demands that the QFES Commissioner provides the below -

1. Clear legal definition of what is a Rural Fire Brigade, who constitutes it and what powers and responsibilities it exercises.

2. Clear legal definition of the relationship between QFES, Rural Fire Brigades and the SES.

3. A re-writing of the Rural Fire Brigade Manual, all Operations Doctrines, Standing Orders and Incident Management protocols reflecting the true position of Rural Fire Brigades and the QFES.

4. Amendments to the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990, current as at 01/07/2014 to incorporate Rural Fire Volunteers and truly reflect the role that Rural Fire Brigades and Volunteers undertake.

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