Grants for Qld Rural Fire Brigades

Through the RFBAQ Grants program to date, we have been privileged to provide significant funds for the purchase of essential firefighting equipment, construction of fire stations, training and other vital items, for Queensland brigades and volunteers.

In addition to the grants program, the RFBAQ provides support to Queensland's Rural Fire Brigades and their volunteers by advocating on their behalf and securing much needed financial assistance, from Queensland government.

How to apply

The grant process has been streamlined, and our application form simplified.

As we update our grant form from time-to-time, please ensure you are using the most up-to-date version.

RFBAQ Grant Flowchart

Download an application form here.

Guidelines for Grant

  1. The Applicant / Brigade must be a registered Volunteer / Rural Fire Brigade in the State of Queensland.
  2. The Applicant / Brigade lacks the ability to raise funds due to small community numbers (low income from Levy), hardship or other similar circumstances.
  3. Applications are for the purpose of allocating grant funds to Brigades. Grant monies are to be used for the purpose as stated in the approved application and are not to be used for any other purpose / purchase.  The RFBAQ will pay direct to suppliers.
  4. The Applicant / Brigade should provide a primary reason for the application including the benefits it will provide the volunteers and the Brigade community.  
  5. The total requested grant funding amount should include GST.
  6. All applications must be signed by the Brigade’s First Officer and Secretary.
  7. Brigades are limited to one successful application every 2 years.

Grant Process

  1. On receipt of the application the Brigade will receive a letter acknowledging the grant and any requests for further information if required. The receipt letter will also advise the Brigade of the date of the next Management Committee Meeting where the grant may be tabled.
  2. After the grant has been tabled at the Management Committee Meeting, the Brigade will receive a letter from the RFBAQ advising them of the outcome of their application.  
  3. The Brigade is required to request their supplier issue the RFBAQ with a tax invoice for any and all grant items. The RFBAQ will not raise purchase orders, and will not deposit funds into a Brigade account. Please ensure your supplier can issue the RFBAQ with a tax invoice. We cannot pay on quotes or similar. We cannot pay part invoices, or invoices made out to a brigade. Ensure your supplier will honour any special pricing afforded to your brigade.
  4. Where relevant, the RFBAQ may request press coverage or publicity for approved grant funding applications. The RFBAQ also reserves the right to use the grant approved Brigade/Volunteer for marketing or promotional purposes.  
  5. When all monies have been paid to the suppliers for the approved grant funding, the RFBAQ will write to the Brigade notifying them that their grant is finalised and closed and no further grant funding will apply to that application.
  6. Once the grant application is closed and finalised, requests for additional grant funding will require a new grant application to be completed and the grant application process shall start from the beginning.
  7. RFBAQ grant application will not be valid once the quote/s provided has/have expired or after 12 months from the grant application approval letter date.