5,000 litre skids go into production

Image of RFBAQ

skidsReady in the west before fire season!

Following on from the tour of the central west in mid February with the skid prototype, the RFBAQ have refined the design of the skids. 

The 12 x 5,000 litre skids going into production incorporate suggestions and feedback from brigades and local government.  
The RFBAQ has now signed a supply agreement with Nu Tank in Rockhampton to build, supply and deliver the skids to Barcaldine by the end of June 2023 https://www.rfbaq.org/rfbaq-skid-tour-of-the-central-west
The RFBAQ would like to thank and acknowledge the funding received from the State of Queensland through QFES under this Grant to produce 12 x 5,000 litre firefighting skids.
Suggested placement of the equipment following local consultation is – 
skids2 (1)
2,000 litre trailers are currently being produced by RFSQ for brigades across Queensland and the RFBAQ hope that these will also be available in numbers across the west before fire season. https://www.rfbaq.org/2000-ltr-firefighting-trailer 
The RFSQ is currently developing usage and storage agreements with the 5 local shires to ensure that this equipment is accessible and used in what is shaping up to be a large fire season.
Part of the commitment to the RFBAQ from the QFES is the staffing of the Barcaldine RFSQ Area Office. After being closed for 2 years the office currently only has an admin and the RFBAQ seek the promised appointment of a RFSQ Inspector, RFSQ ATSO and RFSQ BTSO to be implemented immediately.
To have an near empty Rural Fire Service office with brigades not receiving support or training on the eve of a large fire season is now moving into the realms of negligence.