Recipients for Cairns Peninsula Area Grants Announced

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A generous bequest of $95,512.48 to the RFBAQ sees Grant Programme for Cairns Peninsula Rural Fire Brigades.

28 Cairns Peninsula Rural Brigades have applied for Chainsaws (with PPE), Generators, Brushcutters and Backpack Blowers.

Following the specified intent of the bequest, 100% of the money is funding equipment for Cairns Peninsula Rural Fire Brigades; all equipment purchased will be sourced from local businesses.

The local RFBAQ Representative Barry Child and local RFSQ Inspector Neil Parker evaluated all applications on local community and brigade need.

The successful brigades are:

Brigade Name Brush Cutter Generator Chainsaw Backpack Blower
Biboohra 1   1 1
Bucklands Road 1   1 1
Coen 1 1 1 1
Daintree 1 1 1 1
Fassio Road     1 1
Hodzic Road     1 1
Horn Island 1   1 1
Karma Waters     1  
Kimberley 1     1
Koah 1   1  
Kowanyama 1 1 1 1
Kuranda Myola 1   1 1
Lockhart River 1 1 1  
Marton 1 1 1 1
Mount Amos 1   1 1
Mount Carbine Maryfarms 1   1 1
Mowbray Valley 1 1 1 1
Narcotic Creek 1   1 1
Paddys Green     1  
Rossville 1 1 1 1
Saltwater Creek 1   1 1
Speewah 1   1 1
Springmount District 1   1 1
Walsh Mitchell     1 1
Western Cape Region   1 1 1
Wolfram Road   1    
Wonga Beach   1    

Next step is for the RFBAQ to purchase the equipment from Cairns suppliers and then distribute to the lucky brigades.

This local grant programme was initiated by the amazingly generous bequest of a Cairns local, and on behalf of all of the brigades listed above, the RFBAQ would like to again express our thanks.


All funding for the RFBAQ comes from the generosity of the people of Queensland.

The RFBAQ is an association that exists to service its membership, which is all Rural Fire Brigades in Queensland.

The objects for which the Association is established are: -

  • To consider and make representation in matters affecting the welfare and efficiency of Rural Fire Brigades and Brigade Members.
  • To provide financial assistance and support to Rural Fire Brigades and their Brigade Members.

Here is a list of grants and support supplied to Rural Fire Brigades and brigade members by the RFBAQ.

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