RFSQ Bushfire Heavy Attack Prototype

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RFBAQ initiative and design, QFD procurement and production

Incorporating the crew safety learnings from the Innovation Platform and the FusionCruiser, this 4-seat, four-wheel drive, 3,600L Bushfire Heavy Attack was designed to compliment the Town Heavy Attacks that were donated by the RFBAQ to both Birdsville and Burketown Rural Fire Brigades.

Watch the video, trial the truck when it comes to your area and fill in the feedback forms that are with the vehicle.



While the Bushfire Heavy Attack design will not meet every brigades’ community defence needs, the crew safety features will benefit all firefighters, whether part time, full time or volunteer.

From looking back at the initial Innovation Platform video of 2021 there has been an enormous leap forward in crew safety equipment available to keep firefighters safe.


For more info on the Bushfire Heavy Attack, check out its dedicated webpage here.


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