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Dear colleagues,

As a valued volunteer and brigade member I wish to provide you with some important information.
As you know, the safety of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) volunteers, staff and the public is our top priority. 

QFES works with providers to ensure its fleet is safe, fit-for-purpose and compliant with regulations and specifications. Vehicles are built within the manufacturer’s specifications, and these are based on a standard equipped vehicle.

Some modifications have been made to Rural Fire Brigade vehicles through including additional equipment on appliances and enhanced safety features for fire fighters (such as thermal curtains and deluge systems). QFES has processes in place to ensure annual maintenance, safety inspection compliance and safety standards are met across its fleet, including modifications to vehicles. 

Recently, QFES was alerted to the possibility that some Rural Fire Service vehicles may exceed their certified gross vehicle mass (GVM). In response, QFES has begun to assess appliances.

As an interim control, all affected brigades will need to undertake measures to ensure that vehicles are not operated above their plated GVM. This may include removal of equipment or limitation on passenger numbers during training or non-active duty. This has not had an impact on current operational response.
The attached information is important and I ask you to find some time to read through it. If there are questions, please discuss them with your Area Director.

SB-13-23-RFS Appliance Weight Management Safety Bulletin
SB-13-23-RFS Appliance Weight Management - questions answered in relation to practical compliance
SP13-23-Rural Fire Brigade Appliance Management Action Plan
Supplied equipment manifest - Ford Ranger Light Attack
Supplied equipment manifest - Medium Attack
Supplied equipment manifest - Nissan Light Attack
Supplied equipment manifest - Weight Checklist

Ben Millington

Acting Chief Officer
Rural Fire Service Queensland
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

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