Out Now! Queensland RFB Volunteer Survey Results

Thursday, 3 Nov 2016

Thank you to everyone who participated in and on shared Queensland's first every Rural Fire volunteer gap survey and for making your voice heard.

This gap survey had statements to be scored out of 10 for its importance to you with 10 being the highest, followed by a score out of 10 for performance for how well you think Rural Fire Service Queensland is carrying it out.

Doing this has helped us to understand what your expectations are on each statement (importance) and whether your expectation is being fully met (performance).

A high score on importance and a low score on performance indicates a gap that needs attention.

There were some excellent results that demonstrate that Rural Fire in Queensland is in a very healthy state.

              -    Q19.    There are no barriers to the roles women can occupy in my brigade. Was high importance of 9.4 and had a gap of only 0.4.

With over 25% of all brigade membership being women, Rural Fire is demonstrating that voting for officers and leaders now focuses more on tenure, rather than gender.

              -    Q23.    The environment at my brigade is volunteer-friendly, welcoming to new members and creates good morale. Was high importance of 9.31 and had a gap of only 0.79.

This high scores correlates with question 27 below and continues to exemplify the strength of diverse brigades meeting local community expectations.

              - Q27.    Volunteers are effectively consulted and involved in decision making at my brigade level. Was high importance of 9.09 and had a gap of only 0.96.

The survey result that had the largest gap was:

              - Q26.    Volunteers are effectively consulted and involved in decision making at Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner level. Was relatively high importance of 8.13 and had the highest gap of the survey with 2.93.

The RFBAQ will work closely with Deputy Commissioner Mike Wassing and RFSQ to ensure that the results of the national Survey are correlated against the QFES Survey to ensure the continued improvement in support for all Rural Fire Brigades.

Next year the QFES volunteer survey will be conducted earlier in the year with the National Survey again being run across July/August 2017.

With the fuel and maintenance being rolled out to all truck brigades who have voted to participate, and with the commencement of the non-truck brigade RFBAQ/QFES grant scheme, the number 1 priority that the Commissioner has directed is the delivery of the new uniforms for eligible Rural Fire Brigade volunteers.

The initial uniform rollout will see 1st and 2nd Officers receive the interim light blue shirt with dark blue trousers, 3rd and other Officers and those with crew leader training will receive the new dark blue polo shirt and dark blue cargo trousers. RFS caps will also be made available.

The intent is to have these initial uniforms rolled out by Christmas with larger numbers of uniforms arriving early next year which will achieve a wider distribution.

Click here to view Queensland's RFB Volunteer Survey results.

The National RFB Volunteer Survey is first ever a survey conducted by the 11 volunteer fire brigade associations across Australia through the Council of Australian Volunteer Fire Associations (CAVFA). The national survey will be released soon.



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