RFBAQ Triennial Election Progress - Ballots go out and Reps declared

Thursday, 15 Jun 2017

The election process now splits into two parts. Declaring RFBAQ Representatives for Areas that have received one nomination and ballot papers going out to brigade secretaries in Areas where more than one candidate has nominated.

Election material has been posted to secretaries in the Toowoomba (now called Darling Downs) RFSQ Area, Mackay RFSQ Area and Townsville RFSQ Area.

Each ballot paper has a short biography of the candidates to help brigades choose who they would like to represent them.

Instruction for marking the Ballot Paper:

  1. Votes are to be allocated by the "First Past the Post" method.
  2. Mark the square opposite the name of the preferred Candidate with the figure 1, a tick or a cross leave other squares blank.
  3. Do not place other marks on the Ballot Paper.
  4. Ballot Paper must be returned in Ballot Envelope provided.
  5. Ballot Paper is to be in the hands of the Returning Officer by Monday, 31st July 2017 from the Ballot Papers being posted to brigades.
  6. Sign and date Ballot Paper.
  7. Only one vote per Brigade.

The opening and counting of the ballot papers for all three elections is conducted at the RFBAQ office in Gympie, and all candidates are encouraged to ask for a scrutineer to oversee the opening and counting process. In addition to this, the RFBAQ has asked the local Member of Parliament to physically open and count the votes. This is a process used in the 2014 Election that was well received by all candidates.

Representatives Declared Elected for returning RFBAQ Reps are also being mailed to brigades and we would like to congratulate:

The formerly separate Areas of Cloncurry and Charters Towers have now been amalgamated into the one RFBAQ Representatives Area as there is now only one RFSQ Area Office.

We would like to thank Paul Smith from Mt Isa RFB for being the RFBAQ Representative for the last three years and congratulate Nellie Baron for being the declared representative for this enlarged area which is 1/5th of Queensland. (should a RFSQ Area Office be re-opened in the former Cloncurry Area the RFBAQ would call for nominations as this is a trigger in our constitution) Paul will continue to be the Rep until the October General Meeting.

The Cairns Peninsular Area is without a nominee following the retirement of John Thomson and the RFBAQ Senior Executive Management Committee is meeting on the Thursday 29th June, and this is where direction will be set for the filling of this Area. Until the October General Meeting, John will continue to serve as Rep.

Bundaberg is seeing a transition as Marilyn King is retiring after being an RFBAQ Rep since 2008 and member of the SEM. Dave Morton from Bungadoo RFB will commence as Rep starting in October at the General Meeting. Up until then, Marilyn King continues as the Rep.

If you have any queries relating to the process, please do not hesitate to contact the Returning Officer on 5480 5134 or email.

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