Palmwoods RFB Open Day and Brigade Profile

Thursday, 27 Jul 2017

Located between the coast and the ranges, Palmwoods is in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and has a population of over 5,500 people.

Palmwoods RFB is an I-Zone classification has a population of 38 and is located in the centre of the town, just opposite the famous Ricks Café and Garage and next to the cop shop.

In the Sunshine Coast Regional Council area the brigade has been receiving a council Rural Fire Levy from the early 90’s and this alongside fundraising has paid for the shed that holds four vehicles, training rooms, meeting rooms and bathrooms.

The brigade boasts three appliances, 41, 51, 52 and a 91 with supporting trailer.

Callouts come from Firecom Northcoast, self-activation or community notification and is by way of pager message or text message that is sent to all brigade members. Members attending notify that they are turning out through an app that the brigade uses.

To keep members interest high, the brigade has established a sports/social night each month and they provide a trophy of the winner of the accumulated monthly totals.

Training is the last Saturday of every month and extends to team building activities such as laser tag, and pool competitions.

If you are keen to ride the yellow truck and wear the yellow coat and defend your community, give Palmwoods RFB a call as they welcome new recruits.

To know more about Palmwoods RFB, go along to their open day on Saturday 5th August 2017 from 11 am till 3pm or check out the facebook page and website.

Click on the following links to Palmwoods Rural Fire Brigades WEBSITE Page ore FACEBOOK Site

In Picture L to R: Robert Grauer, Shane Hutchinson (new bloke), Paul Cruice, Colin Brand, Dave Van Doesser, Dan Fifield, Rodger Sambrooks.

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