Auxiliary Firefighters Charter Signed

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Auxiliary Firefighters Charter Signed

Firefighting services for Queenslanders are set to further improve with the signing of a charter between Queensland Government, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and the Auxiliary Firefighters Association of Queensland.

The signing of the charter formalises a working partnership for the more than 2,000 Auxiliary Firefighters across Queensland and ensures the will have their voices heard at the negotiating table.

Emergency Services Minister Jack Dempsey said the Auxiliary Firefighters Charter provided a foundation for the ongoing collaboration between the Government and auxiliary firefighters.

'The Queensland Government is committed to revitalising frontline services and ensuring a collaborative relationship with our emergency services personnel,' Mr Dempsey said.

'There are more than 2,000 auxiliary firefighters across Queensland providing support to diverse communities, the Auxiliary Firefighter Charter gives them a voice at the table.

'The Charter is an important step in strengthening consultation with auxiliary firefighters on decisions affecting their service and communities.

'Auxiliary firefighters are dedicated men and women who serve their communities on top of their work and family commitments.

'On behalf of Queensland, I want to thank every auxiliary firefighter for their ongoing hard work and dedication.'

Queensland Auxiliary Firefighters Association President Roger Sambrooks said the signing of the Charter marked the start of a new era for auxiliary firefighters.

'Today we have given our members an unprecedented voice at the table alongside their urban and rural counterparts,' Mr Sambrooks said.

'We have worked constructively with both Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and the Queensland Government to deliver a charter which delivers for our members.

'The Charter will deliver results for our members during and after the transition to the new Queensland Fire and Emergency Service who will consult on issues from policy and legislative changes to operational training.

'I wish to thank the Minister and Commissioner for signing the Charter today.'

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