RFBAQ Election Update

Tuesday, 17 Jun 2014

Nominations for RFBAQ District Representative closed on Monday 2nd June, with all 17 Districts receiving nomination forms.

In two RFSQ Districts more than 1 nomination form was received which saw ballot papers distributed to all Brigade Secretaries in the Maryborough and Townsville Districts.

In the Maryborough and Townsville Districts brigades are entitled to 1 vote each.

The closing date for ballot papers to be received by the returning officer for Maryborough and Townsville is Monday, 28th July.

For the other 15 districts, notification letters have been sent to every Brigade Secretary this week introducing the local RFBAQ Rep Elect.

The picture lists the Reps Elect for the 15 districts that have been declared and the new incoming Reps Elect are highlighted in yellow.
Brigades in the Maryborough and Townsville Districts will be notified of the results of the election by Monday 25th August.
The RFBAQ Annual General Meeting (AGM) and General Meeting (GM) is to be held in Brisbane over the weekend of the of the 13th & 14th of September. It is during this meeting that the State Executive (all elected RFBAQ Representatives) vote on the positions of President, Vice President North, Vice President South and the 2 other Representatives who will comprise the SEM (State Executive Management Committee).

If you have any queries in relation to the RFBAQ election process, please do not hesitate to contact the Returning Officer, Justin Choveaux on 07 5480 5134 ' email.


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