Queensland State Budget sees large increases for Rural Fire.

Thursday, 19 Jun 2014

2014/15 financial year will see Rural Fire Brigades receive another 47 yellow fire trucks at a value of $7.25 million.

Rural Fire truck builds have increased from 27 vehicles in 2012 to 47 vehicles last year.

Rural Fire 'slip on unit' build has also increased from 143 units in 2012 to 255 units last year. The 'slip on unit' build is scheduled to again reach last years' high numbers, which will further enhance the capability of Primary Producer Brigades across the State.

Overall funding for the Rural Fire Service Queensland has increased to $44.29 million dollars, which is the highest level of funding ever achieved.

The RFBAQ welcomes the increased amount of both new and replacement equipment being made available to Rural Fire Brigades.

The RFBAQ understand the financial constraints related to returning the budget to surplus and will continue to lobby the Government for another substantial funding surge for brigades leading up to next year's budget deliberations.

Going into what will be a very dangerous bushfire season due to the triple threats of drought, a hotter than average winter and the forecast of an El Nino weather pattern commencing in July or August, the need for ongoing State Government and Local Government support is critical to the safety of Rural Fire Brigade volunteers and the communities that they defend across Queensland.

The Malone Review into the Rural Fire Service stated that Rural Fire would be in command of Rural Fire Operations and the RFBAQ also have this promise from Minister Dempsey and the Government.

The RFBAQ urgently request the Government to finalise the Command and Control procedure well before bushfire season to allow the RFSQ/SES leadership team under Deputy Commissioner Bryan Cifuentes to meet the upcoming fire threat.

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