“Profit through Partnership”

Friday, 15 Aug 2014

Shane Clarke, Corporate Sponsorship & Marketing Manager RFBAQ

I believe that 'Profit through Partnership' is the key to delivering a fully equipped, well funded Rural Fire Service for Queensland in the next five years.

Over the last 21 years I have had the pleasure of working with some truly visionary business leaders and they all had one thing in common, the clarity of their 'Why'.  It's their passion, the reason they get up in the morning and it governs everything they do.

You may not have thought about it; however it is what has driven you to become a volunteer fire fighter with the Rural Fire Brigade. It could be that you want to give something back to the community, to protect family, friends and homes or there was simply no one else to do it.

Whatever your reason or your 'Why', I am grateful that you are a part of the Rural Fire T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) and I would like to thank you for your service.

Growing up in rural NSW, I have seen firsthand the devastation on families and the community as a result of wildfire and this was my 'Why' for joining the Brookfield Rural Fire Brigade when I moved into the area.

Like everyone, life has a way of happening to us all, while we are doing something else and after 21 years in design and advertising, I started to review my 'Why' which has lead me to join the Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland (RFBAQ).

My 'Why' now is simple 'Getting you home safely'.

Now I hear you saying, how is a city based advertising and marketing manager, possibly going to get me home safely?

'That's a great question' I can't always help you at the fire front, I can't tell you what the weather is going to-do or even help you with local knowledge, so how can I possibly get you home safely?

Doing what I do best, by working in partnership with Queensland businesses to deliver what you need.

'Getting you home safely' has set our goal for the next five years. 'Deliver a fully equipped, well funded Rural Fire Service for Queensland'.

Now, I'm not just talking about government funding, Rural Fire Brigades were founded through community need and I truly believe the solution is in the community, The Corporate Community.

Volunteer fire fighters in Queensland number in excess of 35,000 members and we are all potential customers. From a business prospective there is true power in partnering with the Rural Fire Brigades of Queensland, and that is where I have started.

We have now launched the RFBAQ 'Corporate Sponsor Program' (CSP). The CSP is designed to deliver profit through partnership and to bring together community minded business, committed to supporting our goal and Rural Fire Brigade Volunteers.

And this is where you come in by supporting the businesses that are supporting you and your brigade.

Visit the 'Sponsor Guide' on the home page of the RFBAQ website. There are new businesses and offers being added all the time so keep an eye on the guide.

Since the launch we have had some wonderful support offered to Brigades and Volunteers. Free Certificate III training for eligible volunteers, discounted cars and electrical appliances and a % of your total purchase donated back to your local brigade, just to name a few.  

I truly believe that our goal to deliver a fully equipped, well funded Rural Fire Service for Queensland is attainable, when we think outside the box and work together as a T.E.A.M.

Talk soon, Shane Clarke Corporate Sponsorship & Marketing Manager RFBAQ
M: +61 407 141 780

P.S: if you know any business that could benefit from partnering with this program or there's a great business that you are already using that should be involved, just let me know.

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