PSBA & Q-Fleet extend Government Fleet Pricing to all Brigades through RFBAQ

Monday, 10 Nov 2014

For the first time, Rural Fire Brigades can access Standing Offer Arrangement QF 1211 for the provision of motor vehicles. Click here to view approval letter.

This comes as a result of a Rural Fire Brigade who wished to replace a command vehicle with their own brigade funds approaching the fire service in an attempt to access Gvt Fleet pricing.

The Rural Fire Brigade was informed by the fire service that as brigades are not part of the fire service then the SOA did not extend to the brigade.

The brigade then approached their local elected RFBAQ district representative who had the matter tabled at the RFBAQ General Meeting in September.

The RFBAQ then wrote to the CEO of PSBA, who working with Q-Fleet has been able to extend the SOA to brigades.

Through negotiation and understanding, many of the reporting requirements that are extended to Government Departments do not extend to brigades.

This is a clear case of co-operative working relationships between departments of the Queensland Government (such as Q-Fleet & PSBA) and the RFBAQ where a clear outcome for brigades can be effectively achieved through the use of common sense.

With the number of brigades and groups who purchase command and support vehicles and brigades who are purchasing fire-fighting appliances growing, this agreement will see more brigades able to afford to purchase vehicles for their communities defence. Click here to view QF1211 Manufacturer Contact Details.

*This SOA does not affect the agreement the RFBAQ has with Action Auto Group, Gympie, where Rural Fire Brigade Volunteers, Auxiliary Firefighters, SES Volunteers and RFBAQ staff can purchase any new vehicle at manufacturer invoice price less fleet discounts (excluding on road charges).

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