Kowguran RFB receives RFBAQ donated vehicle

Tuesday, 9 Dec 2014

On Tuesday 9th December the handover of the RFBAQ donated vehicle to Kowguran Rural Fire Brigade (north of Miles) took place in Crows Nest. QuikCorp Fire Engineering also kindly donated a slip on unit and speed loader that has enabled the brigade to now have a light attack appliance.

The vehicle handover occurred at QuikCorp Fire Engineering Crows Nest with Harry Little, 1st Officer Kowguran RFB, along with Aaron Cook from QuikCorp, RFSQ Toowoomba District staff and RFBAQ staff. Kowguran said that their brigade will be holding a familiarisation day and meeting on Sunday to go over their new light attack appliance.

Kowguran RFB had previously asked the QFES for a vehicle and were knocked back.
While Kowguran RFB does not currently receive a rural fire levy, Western Downs Council have undertaken to maintain the vehicle for the brigade.
The vehicle is being added to fleet as a front-line firefighting appliance.

The RFBAQ has written to the QFES offering to work towards supplying further vehicles to brigades that have been identified as being in need of appliances.

Below is an excerpt of Kowguran Rural Fire Brigade's grant application.

Kowguran is in the Miles District and is partnering with Hookswood and Wallan Rural Fire Brigades who also do not have an appliance and all rely on volunteer vehicles when attending fires. Kowguran brigade has 21 active members and has attended approximately 12 fires in the last 2 years including a couple of major incidents.

Wallan has 28 members and has attended 9 fires over the last two years.

Hookswood has 18 members and has attended 9 fires in 2 years including 1 major incident. The brigade's area of responsibility takes on some significant scrub and forestry type country and the community has seen significant changes with the development of the gas industry. Brigade members can only use a trailer with slip on unit due to their personal vehicles not being suitable to fit and carry the slip on unit.

A vehicle and trailer limits access to fire in many situations and given the timbered terrain of their area they often have a lack of area in which to turn around in and escape routes.

A vehicle that is ready to go will significantly reduce response times for the three brigades and allow them to not be limited to fire access as is the case with a vehicle and trailer.

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