Landmark legislation to protect firefighters

Thursday, 11 Dec 2014

The RFBAQ welcomes this momentous announcement from Premier Newman, and his Governments assurances that volunteer firefighters in Queensland will have the same rights to presumptive legislation as any other firefighter without any discriminatory qualifying or attendance prerequisites.

This was 1 of 6 key election policy requests that the RFBAQ sent to every political party in Queensland leading up to the 2015 state election, with further work being undertaken between the Newman Government and the RFBAQ on the remaining 5 policy requests (click here to view RFBAQ policy requests).

Queensland firefighters who serve their community and suffer from a life threatening cancer are being assisted through new legislation to be introduced by the Newman LNP Government.

Premier Campbell Newman said thousands of firefighters across Queensland would benefit from the new laws which will support them in times of need.

“Everyday thousands of firefighters work to protect their community and under this LNP Government’s new laws, if a firefighter who serves their community contracts a life threatening cancer, we will support them,” Mr Newman said.

“It doesn’t matter if you rescue a family from a house fire, or save a small business, we are here for you when you need it.

“This legislation means firefighters will be entitled to compensation if they suffer certain work related diseases.

“Only the LNP will continue to support our hardworking emergency services.”

Fire and Emergency Services Minister Jack Dempsey said the new legislation would protect every firefighter from Burketown to Brisbane.

“The LNP has a strong plan for safe communities and to provide every firefighter with the tools they need to serve Queenslanders,” Mr Dempsey said.

“Our strong team will deliver support to urban, auxiliary and rural firefighters who suffer cancers including prostate and breast cancer.

“We will consult with stakeholders and the community to ensure that our laws and strong plan deliver for Queensland’s firefighters.”

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Lee Johnson said the changes would ensure that firefighters responding over summer had peace of mind on the fire ground.
“This legislation will give great peace of mind to our hard working paid and volunteer firefighters,”
Mr Johnson said.

“It’s recognition that we put our lives on the line and our efforts are being repaid and supported in times of need.”


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