Donation of 4 slip on units and speed loaders to Rural Fire Brigades

Tuesday, 31 Mar 2015

The RFBAQ through negotiations with a donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, is providing 4 QuikCorp slip on units and speed loaders to brigades along the NSW/QLD border.

This generous donation of $25,000 will provide a slip on unit and speed loader to the Miles District, Toowoomba District and 2 to Roma District.

The local RFBAQ elected Representatives and RFSQ District Inspectors will work together to ensure that these units are allocated to Rural Fire Brigades who are in need of this equipment to better defend their communities.

This collaborative approach between donor, RFBAQ, QuikCorp and RFSQ District Offices demonstrates how immediate and tangible outcomes can be achieved when there is a common goal.

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