Presumptive Legislation goes before QLD Parliament TODAY!

Tuesday, 2 Jun 2015

Today will see the tabling of a bill which will introduce Presumptive Legislation for all fire fighters and Fire Wardens in Queensland.

This landmark legislation will provide the highest level of support in any Australian State or Territory.

Presumptive legislation relates to fire fighters having a higher prevalence of a number of types of cancer than is seen in the general community. The presumption is that if you have not participated in activities that make you more susceptible to those types of cancer, then you are deemed to have contracted the cancer from your fire fighting activities.

During the lead up to the last Queensland State election, the RFBAQ wrote to, and received written undertakings from all the major political parties.

The LNP, Labor, Katter’s Australia, The Greens and One Nation all supported the RFBAQ in calling for the introduction of legislation that protected all fire fighters irrespective of pay status or the colour of the fire engine.

With the introduction of this Private Members Bill by the LNP today, the RFBAQ counts on the support of 89 members of the Queensland Parliament.

With 35,000 volunteer fire fighters in Queensland, covering 93% of the state, Rural Fire Brigades provide the majority of response and recovery operations to flood, fire, cyclone and any other disaster that affects the diverse communities that brigades defend.

In rural Queensland the use of fire as a land management tool and the provision of fire permits is controlled through the 2,600 volunteer Fire Wardens.

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