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Friday, 9 Oct 2015

The RFBAQ is fully self-funded with no brigade subscription and no Federal, State or Local Government money. Our income is generated by fundraising through our Contact Centre which sells Art Union tickets, takes tax deductible donations and brigade specific donations.

In Queensland it would be very hard to find another organisation that does not charge membership fees, subscription, dues or some other levy to fund its primary functions; which for us is lobbying on behalf all Rural Fire Brigades.

In addition to this, the RFBAQ provides grants to brigades and volunteers in need from the money that it raises.

Again, it would be very hard to find a representative organisation that gives so much back to its membership while only asking that members participate in the representative electoral process.

The vast majority of our income is derived from people purchasing Art Union tickets in the 5 Art Unions that we run throughout the year. Less than 25% of all RFBAQ revenue is derived from donations.

With 80% of the state in drought and the significant downturn in the mining sector, the RFBAQ has along with many other charities and business seen a downturn in income. This is coupled with brigades increasing the number of grant applications to the RFBAQ as they are also facing the same fund raising challenges.

The RFBAQ’s Contact Centre is easily identified by the number that is displayed when we call - 07 5480 1369. Further validation and confirmation can then be achieved during the telephone conversation with a friendly RFBAQ Contact Centre employee. An authorised RFBAQ employee can and will without hesitation provide all necessary information to ensure your full confidence in any transaction. This may include your customer number, or our Gaming License Number 90957.


You can check our ABN 37 417 474 709 on the Australian Business Register ABN Lookup website.

Alternatively you could call the Queensland Government Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation on 13 74 68 and verify out Gaming Licence Number of 90957.

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