Free Rural Fire Brigade screen saver

Monday, 12 Oct 2015

You can now download your very own rural fire slideshow screen saver!

Two flavours are available, both containing the same images:

Click the links to download

High Resolution

(Better image quality - 28mb)


Low Resolution

(Same images but at a lower quality - 7mb)


How to install

Step 1 - Click either of the above links, and save to your computer.

If a box appears asking if you want to save the file RFBAQ_Screensaver_Hi or RFBAQ_Screensaver_Lo, click Save File (or Save, depending on your browser).


Internet Explorer


Step 2 - Once downloaded, right-click the file then select Install.

Step 3 - A Screen Saver Settings windows will appear. As there are no settings for this screen saver, simply click OK.

Step 4 - Enjoy!


Should you experience any technical difficulty in downloading or installing these screen savers, please contact Dave at or on 07 5480 5135.

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