Malone Recommendation 9 exceeded – new RFSQ District Offices

Thursday, 28 Jan 2016

Today saw the opening of the new RFSQ Burnett District office by Mike Wassing, Deputy Commissioner Emergency Service Volunteers and Mark Roche QFES Deputy Commissioner with Les Lane, RFBAQ Representative for the new Burnett District also in attendance.

With the completion of South Coast, Burnett and the Gladstone office being opened on 1st February, brigades and volunteer firefighters now receive increased support from Rural Fire paid staff which allows them to better defend all Queensland communities.

This new District Office is over and above Malone Review recommendation 9 to increase the number of RFSQ District Offices.

Recommendation 9: That Rural Fire Service Queensland District offices remain at least at their current number of 14, with consideration given by the Rural Fire Service Queensland to expanding the number of District offices by opening an office in the South Burnett, considering a new office in the southern Central Highlands, and the option of part time offices on a risk/need/growth basis, particularly in north-west Queensland.

The $153,000 facility also has an incident control room and training room that will provide further increase of support to the volunteer Rural Fire Brigades in the Burnett District.

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