RFSQ will soon be rolling out Rural Fire Service uniforms to eligible Rural Fire Brigade volunteers

Monday, 29 Feb 2016

RFSQ will soon be rolling out Rural Fire Service uniforms to eligible Rural Fire Brigade volunteers.

This will be the first time that our RFSQ paid staff and volunteers will wear the same uniform, which will easily identify us all as Rural Fire.

In anticipation of the new Rural Fire Service uniforms the RFBAQ SEM have voted to discontinue the RFBAQ supplied walk out uniform. The remaining 3,000 plus dark blue long sleeve/short sleeve shirts with epaulettes will be gifted to the RFSQ for distribution to brigade volunteers.

The RFBAQ has long advocated for a uniform for Rural Fire Service paid staff and Rural Fire Brigade volunteers, and this was also encompassed in the Malone Review (below).

       The majority of volunteers want to ensure their identity is maintained and that
       their volunteer efforts are not lost in the larger organisation.

       The Review Team agrees that volunteers need to continue to be recognised
       separately for their service to the Queensland community and that means
       maintaining the Rural Fire Service Queensland brand to ensure continued
       retention and attraction of volunteers.

       Rural Fire Service Queensland staff that support the volunteers also need to be
       clearly recognised as supporting volunteers and their uniforms and vehicle livery
       should reflect that.

       Rural Fire Service Queensland staff need to be more easily identified as working
       for volunteers and be more aligned with the volunteer arm of the service.
       The Review Team saw the need for a special field uniform to be introduced to
       achieve this aim. 

Having a recognised identity, culture and separate services within the single Department (QFES) aligns with the Commissioner’s 2015 QFES Symposium presentation.


The new uniforms will be as represented below (the RFSQ patch will appear minus the crown).

When the new uniform distribution process commences through RFSQ, the RFBAQ will be an active and supportive partner in ensuring the intent of Malone and Commissioner is met.

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