Message regarding communications centres from Katarina Carroll APM Commissioner QFES

Tuesday, 5 Jul 2016

I have stated that it is the responsibility of QFES to ensure that all operations are conducted efficiently and effectively having regard to QFES operational requirements for all the services within QFES including the Rural Fire Service.

With the introduction of the GWN, QFES has been having a close look at the impact of the new technology and the current operations of all the Communications Centres in the State, but in doing so there will be no closures of any communications centres or job losses - this is is an operational principle that is not negotiable.

I have also made it clear that QFES’s clear desire was to maximise the skill and knowledge of QFES Communications Officers, the proven capability of the current Communications Centres around the State, as well as maximise the benefits of new technology.

Going forward, there will be a plan developed for consideration by the Board of Management. This will be done in a proper and rational way thus enabling the Board to make a decision with sound reasoning and solid evidence on a recommended option for the future operations of QFES Communication Centres.
Katarina Carroll APM
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

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