Primary Producer Community Defence Grant Scheme - the first grant scheme of its type

Thursday, 15 Sep 2016

The Rural Fire Brigades Association (RFBAQ), Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) and Rural Fire Service Queensland (RFSQ) have partnered to provide Primary Producer Brigades (PPB) with 50 x $1,000 grants.

This is only open to non-truck brigades and is one application per brigade.
If your brigade is interested in applying, please complete the form and return by Monday 20th March 2017. Applications will be assessed by the whole of the RFBAQ State Executive at the General Meeting held on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th March 2017 with announcement made in April 2017.

History Behind Grant

It was often thought that PPB's do not need more equipment above slip-on-units and basic Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) as they are landholders who meet their local needs and should be left alone unless they ring in.

However, through our 100 x RFBAQ/Rexel Safety Equipment Grant given out earlier this year, it was found that many PPBs want to try and improve their community defence model.

After speaking with Primary Producer Brigade members at Toowoomba Farmfest in June and Ag-Grow in Emerald in July it was found that grants tailored to their needs would greatly benefit PPB brigades.

This RFBAQ initiative is supported by QFES/RFSQ and is the first grant scheme of its type.

The RFBAQ would like for the quotes to come from local businesses so that the grant money can be spent locally and after sales service is supplied from the local community.

An example of sought after equipment that interviewed PPB members raised were:

  • 3 x PPB brigades combining applications and applying to buy a shipping container to securely store brigade equipment.
  • Chainsaw and appropriate PPE
  • Portable UHF radios for use on the fire ground
  • Grader cutting edges
  • Water coolers to be used on the fire ground

All truck brigades in Queensland received a huge boost in support when Commissioner Carroll announced that as at 1st July 2016 fuel and maintenance would be covered by the fire service.

The RFBAQ requested this increased support and greatly welcome its delivery.

On the same day as the increased support was announced, the RFBAQ propositioned this new grant scheme for non-truck brigades and Commissioner Carroll was again very supportive.

Link here download online application form.





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