2016 was a great year, bring on 2017

Friday, 9 Dec 2016

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2016 has been a big year for Rural Fire with the announcement of fuel and maintenance for yellow trucks AND the RFBAQ joining Facebook and Twitter!

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2017 is the year of the PPB (Primary Producer Brigades)

The RFBAQ and RFSQ in 2017 will focus on the non-truck brigades that make up 53% of the Rural Fire Service. In conjunction with the PPB Community Defence Grant scheme the RFBAQ and RFSQ will be visiting rural and regional communities defended by PPB's to find out what they want, where they want to go and how we can all work together to get there.

A schedule of times and places will be published early in the New Year so that there is plenty of notice for landholders. (Click here to link to application pack)

Every month RFBAQ Grants go before the SEM (Senior Executive Management) meetings for review, below are the latest grants approved by the SEM:

  • Fernvale RFB in the West Moreton Area has been approved $6,871  to build an extension that will house PPE along with a P3 and BA wash area.
  • Mount Fox RFB in the Townsville Area has been approved for $8,100 to fund the design and installation of a septic tank and drainage for their fire station. The brigade has previously received an RFBAQ grant of $2,796 towards various firefighting equipment back in 2007. Mt Fox RFB currently does not receive a Rural Fire Levy.
  • Gaeta RFB in the Bundaberg Area has been approved for $6,585 to purchase 3 x 22,700 litre water tanks to attach to their fire shed. The brigade has limited access to reliable water fill points and many of the creeks and dams are dry. Gaeta received an RFBAQ grant of $1,144 for office equipment and communications upgrade in 2009 and another RFBAQ grant of $4,252 in 2010 towards various firefighting equipment.

The next SEM meeting will be held on Tuesday, 31st January 2017. So if your brigade is looking to fund a project that will increase your ability to defend you community and you are in need of extra funding, contact your local RFBAQ Representative today.

2017 is the year of the RFBAQ Triennial Elections

Every three years the RFBAQ calls for nominations from Rural Fire Brigade volunteers to be the voice of the brigades in their RFSQ Area. Early in January the times and requirement of the election process will be mailed to every brigade secretary in Queensland. All forms and requirements and election timetable will also be prominently advertised on the website, facebook and twitter.

Legal Status of Rural Fire Brigades

The RFBAQ General Meeting voted to commence work on clarifying the legal status of a Rural Fire Brigade. Recognising that this is an enormous piece of work, in October the RFBAQ approached QFES Deputy Commissioner Wassing regarding working collaboratively in trying to achieve a positive outcome for all brigades.

The new year will see a RFBAQ/QFES working group convened with the intent of consulting with brigade members across Queensland prior to a questionnaire being send to every brigade in Queensland.

This will be a very positive process, as Crown Laws' current advice that a brigade is an unincorporated association is an untenable position to maintain and all brigades will need to have a say in what any future legal position will be.

Volunteer Profile Questionnaire

The RFBAQ is keen to build the profile of rural fire brigade volunteers across Queensland. We are looking to profile you on the RFBAQ's new Facebook page and highlight the incredible contribution you make by helping to keeping Queensland safe during natural disasters.

We'd love to hear from you - email the RFBAQ for a list of the questions that will help tell your story.

Thank you to the 22 RFBAQ volunteer Representatives and Support Representatives

2016 was a very successful year for the brigades and this is due to the commitment shown by the volunteer Area Representatives working closely with RFSQ paid support staff and brigades to ensure that the brigades are supported to the highest level possible. - Click here to link to RFBAQ Rep contact details

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