Message from Commissioner Carroll QFES - Independent Complaints Management System

Friday, 4 Aug 2017

An independent complaints management system for members of the QFES workforce to confidentially report inappropriate workplace behaviour and misconduct is now open.

The independent system operates through a transparent process that is external to QFES and administered by corporate advisory firm McGrathNicol. Those who wish to report inappropriate workplace behaviour can choose to do so anonymously and can either request formal QFES action to assess their complaint, or that no formal action be taken.

The independent system is available to all QFES staff and volunteers and will be reviewed on 31 December 2017.

All matters raised through the independent system will be reported to me directly. I will also have full oversight of all decisions and actions taken in relation to any complaint.

I encourage and support all QFES staff and volunteers to stand up, speak out and report any incidents of misconduct and unethical behaviour.

You can report an incident via the independent complaints management system through any of the following avenues:

  • web-based form
  • by email
  • by telephone, on toll-free number 1800 177 212 staffed from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday
  • by post, addressed to:
    RightCall Online – Confidential
    GPO Box 9986
    Brisbane 4001

The independent system does not replace the existing QFES complaints reporting system but, rather, will operate as an alternative, neutral and confidential pathway for handling complaints. Both systems are managed to the highest professional and ethical standards.

Information about QFES’ existing, internal complaints reporting system can be found on the ‘Complaints’ page on the QFES Gateway and the RFS and SES volunteer portals.
In general the following should be observed before making a complaint:

  • QFES employees, volunteers and contractors should, where possible, attempt to resolve workplace issues locally and informally, prior to lodging a complaint.
  • Complaints should be dealt with at the lowest possible level, and via the least intrusive and most efficient method possible in the circumstances;
  • Complaints should be acknowledged and dealt with promptly and efficiently;
  • Complaints should be dealt with in a fair and objective manner, and in accordance with the principles of natural justice;
  • QFES employees, volunteers and contractors are to participate/cooperate fully in any action taken to deal with a complaint;
  • All parties to a complaint are to maintain appropriate confidentiality;
  • Complainants and QFES employees, volunteers and/or contractors subject of a complaint are to be supported and provided with regular progress updates throughout the complaint management process. They are also to be provided with advice concerning the outcome of action taken to deal with a complaint; and
  • Any action taken in respect of a QFES employees, volunteers and contractors found to have engaged in inappropriate workplace conduct, should be proportionate to the nature and seriousness of the conduct involved.


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