Welcome Hon. Craig Crawford MP, new Minister for Fire and Emergency Services and Member for Barron River.

Tuesday, 12 Dec 2017



Below is an excerpt from Minister Crawford’s maiden speech to Parliament where he outlines his volunteer firefighter history.

Between the years of 1987 and 2008 I served as a volunteer firefighter with the Country Fire Authority in Victoria. As I said, it was purely voluntary. I rose through the ranks of this fine organisation until I was a leader, a captain of a busy country Victorian fire brigade at Colac, which has a population of some 10,000 to 15,000 people. I led that brigade, including its 70 volunteers and four fire appliances, through close to 1,000 triple 0 calls for assistance.
Volunteer firefighters, auxiliary firefighters, career firefighters—whichever organisation they belong to, whether they are aviation, state, federal, private, government, rural, urban, plantation or based at sea—perform their work without fanfare, not for recognition and not for reward. It is their job or their hobby and for many it is both. They do it because they love it. It defines who they are.

Maiden Speech – 05/05/2015 Parliamentary Hansard

Minister Crawford was also a member of the Finance and Administration Committee which oversaw the report that led to equal and fair cancer coverage for all Queensland firefighters.
The RFBAQ looks forward to a long and harmonious working relationship that benefits all 1,441 Rural Fire Brigades in Queensland.

















The RFBAQ would also like to thank Hon. Mark Ryan MP for the last 12 months when he was Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services. During this time he oversaw the commencement of the brigade consultation into the Legal Status of Brigades, work towards an Emergency Volunteer Respect Act, 64 RFB fire appliances this year and 100 next year and for his genuine interest and care in his portfolio.

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