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Wednesday, 22 Jul 2015

Rural Fire Call to Action

There are 2 Bills in front of Parliament for Presumptive Legislation in Queensland.

Discriminatory Government Bill where Volunteer fire fighters need to attend 150 fires and full time and part time firefighters only have to attend 1 fire, which was presented to Parliament last Wednesday 15th July.

Equal and Fair Private Members Bill where volunteer, part time and full time firefighters and Fire Wardens need to attend 1 fire, which was presented to Parliament on the 3rd June (but the Parliamentary Committee didn’t do anything about it)

The Government is rushing both bills through the Committee process in the hope that their discriminatory bill will get little opposition and they can force it through.


The Committee has opened up for submissions only until the 6th August.

Brigades, Volunteers and concerned members of the public must make their voices heard before the 6th August or your submission may not be accepted.

This is your chance to tell Parliament what you want in a law that will not only impact you, but on all firefighters in Queensland and our children when they follow us into our Brigades.

The RFBAQ has made clear to all political parties that by bringing in discriminatory legislation would disenfranchise volunteers and lead to a campaign whereby the Government would need to amend the legislation in the future to fully cover volunteers as was the case in South Australia, and that they should adopt a best practice model initially and cover all fire fighters.

If 45 MP’s or more vote for the equal and fair Bill then this will be the new level of coverage.

If 45 MP’s or more vote for the Governments discriminatory Bill then generations of volunteers and Fire Wardens will not be covered.

Has your MP pledged their support? Find out here!

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