RFBAQ Paid grants for 2017 – So Far

Wednesday, 8 Nov 2017

The RFBAQ has funded more individual grants and supported more brigades in 2017 that in any other year in it’s history.

With 2 months left to go we are still seeing brigade grant applications arriving in the post.

In addition to this, the RFBAQ has purchased 8 slip on units for brigades without appliances.

The easy RFBAQ Slip On Unit Grant for 8 units i s now open until Monday 27th November where they will then be tabled to the Senior Executive Management.

Each grant consists of a unit with speed loader and foam pro-portioner and will be delivered almost immediately to the successful applicant as they are ready and waiting for their new brigades!

District Brigade Name Grant amount Grant funded
Roma Wallumbilla $10,000 Floor coverings for fit outs to new shed.
Bundaberg Birthamba $2,800 Refrigerator for 81 support vehicle, chainsaw and safety equipment.
Caboolture Stoney Creek $500.00 Support brigade towards the late First Officer's funeral expenses.
Innisfail Irvinebank $2,189.00 New laptop computer, software and bag.
Cairns Wrights Creek $14,822.50 Prototype firefighting 3,500 kg trailer with 2,000 litre water tank, galvanised, 14" tyres, electric breaks with breakaway, LED lights and hand braker.
Caboolture Lamb Island $3,300.00 2 x Roler Doors.
Mackay Cotherstone $989.00 Stihl Chainsaw and case.
Rockhampton Alton Downs $9,900.00 2 x 10,200 gallon rain water tanks.
Mackay Cotherstone $845.77 1x UHF trasceiver, antenna and cables
Gladstone Valentine Plains $1,000 2 x Uniden handheld UHF tradues twin packs
Cairns Peninsula Fassio Road $999 1x SR450 blower
Cairns Peninsula Springmount District $1,000 1x chainsaw
Cairns Peninsula Musgrave $999 1x Mister SR450 petrol a blower
Barcaldine Cattle Creek $1,000 2 x UHF handheld radios and 2 x antenna dipole lead
Barcaldine Potosi $624 Fence pliers, toolboxes, fuel cans, torch hardcases LED, head lamps, cooler jugs and 3 x UHF shoulder harnesses
Barcaldine Grant $979.20 Fence pliers, fuel cans, torches, water coolers and head lamps
Barcaldine Valleta $873.15 Equipment and fittings to build a trailer mounted firefighting unit
Barcaldine Dunraven $1,000 1x UHF radio plug n play for John Deer Tractor and 4 x edge cutters
Gladstone Orange Creek $1,000 1x portable radio with antenna, battery, pocket charger charter and case
Burnett Abercorn $995 1x chainsaw
Barcaldine Champion $917.90 2 x UHF handheld radios and 2 x UHF travel pack
Emerald Buckland $726 1x water container, 3 x torches, 3 x fencing pliers and 3 x radio battery charges
Emerald Bauhinia $824.95 1x Stihl chainsaw
Barcaldine Greendale $919.80 4 x waterproof UHF handheld radios
Barcaldine Pelican Creek $917.90 2 x Waterproof UHF handheld radios and 2 x travel packs
Emerald Moodewarra $969 1x Stihl chainsaw
Emerald Omega $969 1x Stihl chainsaw
Emerald Oombabeer $1,000 6 x LED torches, 2 x water container and 6 x URHS shoulder harness
Emerald Mount Macarthur $999 1x back pack blower
Rockhampton Jardine $1,000 Trailer maintenance
Rockhampton Dalma $1,000 Gutter replacement for your brigade building
Emerald Theresa Creek $969 1x Stihl chainsaw
Charters Towers Mount Cooper $1,000 7 x grader cutting edges
Cloncurry Ouchy $1,000 Grader blades
Roma Augathella $899 1 x Stihl BR700 backpack blower
Roma Eumamurrin $999 1x Stihl BR700 backpack blower
Gladstone Facing Island $998 1 x MS211 Chastihl chainsaw and 1 x Blostihl blower
Gladstone Glenhaughton $1,000 2 x UHF handheld radios with case
Emerald Claude River $972.38 6 x LED torches and 2 x Primus 36 litre water coolers
Maryborough Boonimba $1,000 1x VHF handheld radio and kit
Roma Nindigully $797.50 1x Honda pump and 2 x UHF handheld radios
Townsville Osborne $998 2 x UHF handheld radios
Roma Mount Howe $978 2 x UHF handleld radios
Charters Towers Bafles Creek $1,000 3 x chainsaw, Husqvarna carry case and filing kit
Charters Towers Barabon $1,000 10 x Grader blades
Charters Towers Clio $1,000 Cutting edges and bits
Charters Towers Bundoran $1,000 6 x grader cutting edges
Cloncurry McKinlay No 1 $1,000 1x defribrillator
Gladstone Banana No 3 $999 1x Stihl MS231 chainsaw, case and file kit
Cairns Peninsula Saltwater Creek $1,000 Equipment to rehabilitate your fire trailer
Cairns Peninsula Wrights Creek $1,000 Sitrex 5 wheel spinner rakes
Cairns Peninsula Killaloe $998 1x chainsaw and pro protective chaps
Roma Bindle $885.55 2 x chainsaws and 2 x safety helmets
Cairns Peninsula Karma Waters $850.61 4 x cutting edges
Cairns Peninsula Pine Creek $1,000 1x second hand trailer to be modified for firefighting
Cairns Peninsula Paddy's Green $949 1x BR700 blower
Morinish Morinish $1,000 1x 1,750Gal water tank
Gladstone Banana No 2 $957.50 1x Husqvarna chainsaw and knapsack
Roma Mangarella $798 2 x UHF handheld radios
Innisfail Pin Gin Hill $927.60 2 x helmet kits, 2 x chaps and 2 x special work gloves
Roma Bymount  $985 1x blower
Barcaldine East Darr $999 1x Stihl BR700 blower
Barcaldine Neleh $969 1x Stihl chainsaw
Toowoomba Oman Ama $1,000 1x portable toilet
Mackay Junee $969 2 x UHF handheld radios and 2 x pair chaps
Emerald Meteor Creek $969 1x Stihl chainsaw
Mackay Roper Creek $969 2 x  chainsaw chaps and 2 x UHF handheld radios
Toowoomba Hookswood $1,000 1x Honda pump and accessories
Toowoomba Upper Pilton $1,000 4 x UHF radios twin pack
Toowoomba Mount Myrtle $1,000 1x storage cabinet
Barcaldine Ilfracombe $5,280.00 20ft grade 1 shipping container for storage of brigade equipment.
Burnett Glenleigh $998.90 1x chainsaw, spare chain, fuel container and hearing protection
Burnett Auburn/Beeron $1,000 5 x UHF hand held radios
Burnett Kragra Monogorilby  $1,000 CPR and First Aid training
Toowoomba Upper Yarraman $1,000 1x retractable hose reel and hose
Burnett Glencoe $2,982.63 Satellite phone to provide means of communication.

Link here to the specifications of the slip on units.

This is another way that the RFBAQ can put a hose in the hand of a volunteer firefighter and help them defend their community.

If your brigade is in genuine need of another slip on unit this fire season and your brigade does not have a fire truck - Apply now!

Click here to download the RFBAQ Slip On Unit Grant application form.

Grants close on Monday 27th November 2017.

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