RFBAQ Cairns Peninsular volunteer Representative EOI

Tuesday, 9 Jan 2018

The RFBAQ are calling for expressions of interest for the Cairns Peninsular volunteer Representative position.


The association held our 3 yearly election process last year and we received no nominations for Cairns Peninsular.


To be an RFBAQ Representative you will need to have held or be holding a position on the Management Committee of a Registered Rural Fire Brigade for a continuous period of not less than four (4) years. This would include the elected/appointed positions of Fire Officer, Brigade Training Officer, Fire Warden, Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer.


Leading up to the election process last year, and after John Thomson (Thomo) announced his retirement, a number of people were approached to nominate for the role. All shied away as they had seen how much Thomo and Yvonne devoted to ensuring that brigades in the far north had their voice heard and they saw the role as almost a full time job. Thomo was also Senior Vice President and SEM member of the Association which required him volunteering more of his time than your normal representative.


The role of an RFBAQ elected representative reflects the needs of the brigades, interactions with Area and Regional Offices and how much you are willing to commit as a volunteer.


If you want to know more about what RFBAQ Reps do locally, contact Innisfail Area Rep. Les Green on 0438 742 413 or former Cairns Peninsular Rep. John Thomson on 0488 988 481


If you have an interest in representing the brigades in the Cairns Peninsular RFSQ Area and have been or currently hold a position for a minimum of 4 years, please give me a call.


Justin Choveaux

Returning Officer / General Manager

0428 218 507

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